owner of Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics,

                                    _____ Our Mission_____

               For you to be unique, bold and stand out in the crowd 


Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics (R.K.C) is a cosmetic line bringing to you bright, bold, unique and high quality cosmetics. We specialize in lipsticks and lip products. Our line of intensely bold and highly pigmented lipsticks are a must have. Our products are manufactured in America with an experienced team of over 55 years. At R.K.C we care about your skin, we offer the best quality cosmetics,  which is why our formula's are Paraben free, Gluten free, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, highly pigmented, long lasting, with some of our products vegan. Castor oil is our main ingredient for added moisture. Our matte lipsticks will never feel stiff or dry.

              Our launch  in 2014 was a huge success. The reviews and feedback received was rewarding. Since then R.K.C has provided our customers with trendy, bold, high quality cosmetics. We offer cosmetics for women and men. Our customers posses a stylish image, they are unique, fashion forward and beautiful. You will definitely have all eyes on you in our lippies.


                                     _____My Story_____ 

I go by the name of Ms. Rainbow Kisses. I was Born in Jamaica then migrated to Canada in 1997.  I have always had a passion for cosmetics from an early age. I enjoyed applying and wearing makeup daily. My skills in doing makeup are self taught, by practicing and applying makeup from age 14. By age 19 I would apply makeup on myself with a flawless touch and on many of my friends. Lips are so intriguing even though I used to be insecure about my big lips growing up. I now appreciate my lips which is my best feature. In 2012 I noticed that most of the shades in the popular cosmetic brands were not ideal for me. I noticed  many of the shades were pink, red, brown and very neutral shades. I wanted brighter and bolder but couldn't seem to find any. I also did not like how tight my lips felt wearing matte lipsticks or the fact that I had to wipe it all off before eating a meal to prevent chapping. One day while getting my hair washed I said to my stylist I want to launch my own cosmetic line, she turned to me then said "go for it". I started researching the best ingredients that I can have and also the boldest shades.  After 2 years of perfecting my brand I launched in December 2014 and couldn't be more proud. Early 2015 I won the Dr. Paul E Garfinkle award for my entrepreneurial achievement. I created this cosmetic line as I was tired of the conservative shades that was presented in the bigger brand stores. I am grateful to reside in Toronto where it is very diverse, this is a big part of our motto. To me , the word  Rainbow means strength, pride, ambition, love, energy, colour , unity and perseverance because no matter the storm it will be followed by the Rainbow.



                                  ______ R.K.C Future ______ 

 We will continue to use only the best quality ingredient and produce the best quality cosmetics.  We will continue to be affordable. R.K.C will be expanding into bold eye shadows, highlighters and many more cosmetic products. We want to be a household name that you can always rely on so stay tuned.

Now that you know something about Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics, we would love to know you. Please email us your photos wearing R.K.C or hash tag #rainbowkissedbeauty on photos of you wearing our product. We will upload your photo on our social media as a way of showing our gratitude. We also accept video reviews 2-5 minute videos can be emailed to us.  “Thank you” to everyone in advance for your support and loyalty.Remember "Be Bold...Stand out" 

Phone: 647-948-9606

Email: info@rainbowkissescosmetics.com